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Craic Baby. Dispatches from A Rising Language. Darach O Seaghdha

Craic Baby
Dispatches from
A Rising Language
Darach O Seaghdha

What do we talk about when we talk about Irish? When we talk about saving or supporting a language do we mean the musical combination of syllables, or something more profound? How do new words enter a language, and what is the relationship between that strange dialect called Hiberno-English and its parent language?

Craic Baby picks up exactly where ‘Motherfocloir’ left off and explores the very new and very old parts of the Irish language from a personal perspective. While ‘Motherfocloir’ was steeped in memory and a father-son relationship, Craic Baby hinges on the beginnings of a father-daughter relationship, and how watching a child learn to communicate changes how you think about language.

Craic Baby rediscovers Irish words and strangely beautiful phrases, and turns the acquisition of language into an enjoyable journey.

Motherfoclóir: Dispatches from A Not So Dead Language. Darach Ó Séaghdha

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