Traidisiunta Traditional Music

Damien McGeehan, Tin Fiddle


The Tin Fiddle.
Damien Mc Geehan

A multi tracked tin fiddle creates an ensemble sound with effects from hypnotic percussion to rich string lines all achieved by one musician & one instrument. Featuring Donegal fiddle music, new compositions & abstract imaginings of traditional forms.

One of the interesting aspects of this album is that only a tin fiddle was used to create all the sounds through bowing and plucking, tapping and sweeping. Damien is the only instrumentalist featured on the album so the result was achieved through layering the individual elements to give the impression of a band or a group.

Tin fiddles were made in Co. Donegal many years ago by travelling tinsmiths. The most notable of these were the celebrated Donegal fiddlers, John and Mickey Doherty who travelled from parish to parish, working as tinsmiths by day and playing music at night.

‘The interweaving of old sounds with new abstract ideas and interpretations is the underlying theme throughout this album making it a truly unique and memorable listen’. (Irish Music Magazine)

Liosta Traiceanna / Track Listing.

1. O’ Rourke’s Highland.
2. The Gavel Walks to Grannie.
3. Peadar O’ Haoine’s.
4. The Anvil.
5. The Tinsmith.
6. The Four Posts of the Bed.
7. John Doherty’s Waltz.
8. Paddy’s Rambles Through the Park.
9. Hettie MacKenzie’s.
10. The Last Day of Summer.
11. Eleven Oaks.
12. The Waterfall.

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