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This game can be used as a tool to reinforce language that the children already have, in addition, it can act as a tool to teach new phrases and vocabulary. The game can be played by up to 6 children and is most suitable for the more senior classes in school.

This game helps children to learn vocabulary and phrases related to the following topics:

• Slithe Beatha / Occupations/Jobs
• Daoine a chomhaireamh / Counting People
• Uimhreacha (Aoiseanna) / Numbers (Ages)
• Ainmeacha siopaí / Shop names
• Bia / Food
• An Scoil / School
• Éadaí / Clothes

Examples of some of the questions asked:

Cé mhéad duine atá sa phictiúr?
Cén t-am é?
Cén aois é Daideo?
Cén sórt siopa é?

How to play:

Roll the cube and identify the colour that is face up on it.

Pick the corresponding colour card.

Answer the question on the card (answers are given in the booklet to assist with this).

If the player gets the question correct, he/she keeps the card. If they get the question incorrect, they must return the card to the pack.

The winner is the player with the most points (points are written on the right hand corner of each card).

How the Kubd game could be played:

• The teacher could have each group in class working with their own Kube- the teacher can then sit and assist with a group who need extra support.
• Having completed one of the themes from the Kube, teachers could then use the Kube to reinforce this knowledge.
• At home: parents/carers could use the Kube to reinforce what was taught in school, and also help their child learn new vocabulary.


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