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A Selection of Irish Traditional Step Dances.  Michael Tubridy

A Selection of
Irish Traditional
Step Dances
Michael Tubridy

The traditional step dances of Ireland are centuries old and have been passed on orally for several hundred years, But before Michael Tubridy (the well-known musician and dancer), innovative transcriptions, they have never been notated in a consistent way, nor published.

In the 1990’s Michael developed a notation system to describe verbally and visually the dances that he and his wife Celine had been collecting and teaching, his first collection of dances was published in 1998. That collection unlocked the mysteries of Irish solo dance for dancers around the world.

Since the publication of the first selection Michael has collected more dances, and has refined his notation system to make it easier to use, replacing music symbols with diagrams of the dancer’s feet.

This two volume collection, (Collection 1 is included) and the accompanying DVD’s will play a major part in revolutionising the teaching of this wonderful Irish gift to the world.

Dances include – The Hornpipe, Easy Reel, Easy Jig, Single Jig, Double Jig, St Patrick’s Day, The Blackbird and many more.

Comes with 2 DVD’s.


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